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Hi there! I'm a graduate student who has helped my friends buy cars for over nine years.


100% free guidance 

I, and tens of top rated experts, here at RedCar, spend all of our free time just looking around online for the best deals on cars. I'm good at it. It's fun, and I get to help people out. 

What's the difference between a Carburetor and a Alternator

If you don't know cars, buying one is miserable. If you go with your local dealer, you are paying $750 just for talking to him. If you shop around on Craislist or online buying sites, you'll spend your entire life sifting through piles of junk. 

That's where Red Car comes in. Hand picked automobile experts, are carefully selected to serve you. We are here to help you find a car that's perfect for you.  The best part? The pricing.

  • Choosing the right car for you.

  • Finding great deals online.

  • Researching a vehicle.

  • Connecting you with inspectors.


Red Car is your trusted, unbiased car buying friend. With Red Car, you get personal recommendations, based on your specific needs, and access to curated auto deals. The best consultants rise to the top on Redcar to advise you, based on ratings. 


Zero inventory

We aren't trying to get vehicles off our lot here at Redcar, because we have no lot. We have one goal: to help you find the best deal on a great car. You can think of us as the "anti used car salesman". 


Expert research

Our experts spend all day long searching every car website. We know how to find the best deals from the infinite amount of cars out there, so that you don't need to waste all your valuable time surfing hundreds of websites. 


Completely free

We will never charge you, take your email address, or ask anything else of you. How is this website free? We are paid a small fee by our sponsors to advertise products that people typically buy when they get a new car, such as insurance plans, car loans, or car seats.


When I finished chatting, they asked me to rank my specialists. That’s how they pick the top consultants.
— Iram Qureshi, Newspaper Editor & Mother of two
I just bought my first car. Couldn’t have done it without Red Car!
— Patrick Marino, Nurse & Father of three
Free? It actually was. They didn’t even ask for my email address.
— Deanne Franzen, Lawyer
This is the ultimate power in car buying.
— Yosuke Inoue, Advertising Executive & Father of two